The designer toy based on the most colorful piece in computer history in here. Get this adorable collectible figure that fits in the palm of your hand. Designer Philip Lee of playsometoys, the Hong Kong-based toy design company behind the best-selling Classicbot Classic collectible, now brings you the iBot G3. It is a perfect gift for any computer geek Complete with a keyboard and the infamous round mouse, the iBot G3 is moulded in translucent plastic, with details from colours to curves faithfully recreated. Interior units, including the CRT tube, ethernet connection ports, can be glimpsed through the translucent surface. Like the Classicbot Classic, the iBot G3’s arms are detachable and held by magnets, allowing for easy transformation to its pure computer form. Two colours are available now : the classic Bondi Blue, or the Tangerine orange. Each figurine is about 8cm in height. Take him home to add some color on your desktop

*The iBot G3 is a collectible figurine with small parts. It is not suitable for children under the age of 12.



香港玩具設計師 Philip Lee
Philip 小時候家中第一台電腦就是 Apple 電腦,在大學念設計時也一直使用 Mac,因此設計的第一款產品便是以他最愛的 Macintosh Classic 為藍本,以對經典致敬為目標的 Classicbot Classic。






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